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Ghost Walk in York

Wednesday evening, we went on a ghost walk in York. York has the distinction of having the most ghosts of any city in Europe (and perhaps the world). Our guide was Bob Black, and did a fabulous job setting the mood with some gruesome stories of hanging, maiming, drawing, quartering, and beheading through history.

Waiting for the guide
Our guide, talking about the cemetery behind him. This cemetery is just outside the old city walls. People who died of diseases such as plague, cholera, and typhoid were brought outside the city walls and buried in cemeteries like this.
The Roman fortress lies just a few feet below the current city. Ghosts of Roman soldiers have been seen walking in the uncovered portions of the city. Our guide told us of one group of soldiers that had been seen in a cellar being dug below where we were standing. Some had seen the soldiers walking, but missing the lower portion of their legs. One particular sighting described the soldiers with whole legs. This sighting coincided with the uncovering of the old Roman road described by this plaque - the soldiers had been walking this road all along.
St Margaret refused to swear allegience to the new Church of England and was executed for her disobedience.
Dinner after the walk. When talking to someone in London later in the trip, we mentioned that we had been to York, and the first question was if we had been to Betty's. It's a famous and very popular spot for pastries.
A teapot at Betty's (the dinner venue)

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