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Group Photos

After the last class, the obligatory group photos were taken. With 25 IADCCT members in attendance, there were a large number of chapters represented.

The Dreamcatchers and Rose Rocks chapters and our hosts for the regional.
New England Clamdiggers Chapter
Rocky Mountain Chapter
The French Connection
Glazed and Crazed Chapter - the newest IADCCT chapter
The Brits
The Complete Brits
Southern Stars Chapter
Florida Fired Arts Chapter
Ambassadors Julia Grant, Cathy Housley, Sue Lacey, Leta Smith, Musette Young, Pat Hinz, Faye Murray, and Larry Knight
The Yanks - Ann Barton, Karen Willes, Cathy Housley, Leta Smith, June Tucker, Jane Lawrence, Dru Woodward, Virginia Petersen, Polly Bushey, Musette Young, Pat Hinz, Faye Murray, Larry Knight, Marie Rhodes, Bill Young, and Liz Orszulak (back to front)
The Yanks, again
Sagebrush Chapter
Australian Waratahs Chapter (minus a few people that were getting tired of all the photographs)
Aussies Down Under Chapter
The whole gang (minus Mark, who was taking the picture)
Sylvia and Mark Clayton
The Pottering Around the British Isles crew
The lunch bench bunch
Another of the same

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